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TJK Competitive Steel Processing Equipment Attracts International Users

TJK Competitive Steel Processing Equipment Attracts International Users TJK Competitive Steel Processing Equipment Attracts International Users

Highways, high-speed railways, bridges, nuclear stations, industrial residential, etc., as long as high precision steel processing required, CNC steel machining equipment is necessary. With increased downward pressure on the economy, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, TJK CNC control processing equipment of steel bar as a domestic leading enterprises around the bigger and stronger of the development concept, launch new projects and develop new products,with new technologies, full development of upstream and downstream markets, innovation and breakthrough to build the core competitiveness and realize the trend growth of the enterprise, growing industry influence.

With competitive products to attract more international clients

From a marketing viewpoint, intensifying competition in different industries, to grab the user's heart, it is necessary to provide value for the customer. CNC steel processing equipment as an important machinery and equipment in project engineering projects, plays a considerable role in the project management costs, if we can minimize the cost to the customer, naturally owning a strong competitive edge. To this end, TJK intensifies cost management efforts, has organized a cross-functional team meeting to discuss cost reduction programs in order to "wring out the last drop in the towel" and do everything possible to reduce product cost.

On the other hand,  through increased research and development, combined with differences in each market, TJK develops more products that fit the market, improve the competitiveness of products. Take the recently new produced WG16BStirrupbending machine as an example, due to machine used dust closed design, equipment parts using life extended 50%; in process it adopts fixed knife design and four-sided loose knife design, using life improve 4 times, great reduced using and maintenance cost; as well, due to shear knives are selection of quality high strength toughness alloy mold steel, special heat treatment process control, it ensures that the shear number of cutting tools in more than 100,000 times, life 10 times more than ordinary steel.

TJK also develop different solutions to different customers. Such as large commodity steel processing and distribution project, preset box girder steel automatic processing, residue-free slab automated steel processing lines, automatic welding forming of the steel cage and other solutions for the different areas, realize the highly automated steel processing, intelligent information. With these plans, customer management costs are dramatically reduced.

In the international market, in an effort to reduce costs, create value for customers at the same time, TJK also attaches great importance to product quality in order to attract more international users. At present, TJK welders in welding workshop have begun full implementation of authentication mechanisms, from welders to team leaders, department heads, each employee associated with welding must be through professional training and exam certification to posts, using technical expertise to ensure the weld quality and traceability. TJK quality experts are also invited to quality-related training classes, and through daily quality control, process discipline inspection, aftermarket fault feedback dimensions of quality control.

Every procedure, every detail, quality control personnel carefully check every piece of factory equipment, from the workshop to final quality review, from the source to the factory, setting the quality level, and strive to perfect delivery, all these measures make TJK products quality received high praise from users.
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