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TJK Machinery Bending Hoop Machine Intelligent Integration

TJK Machinery Bending Hoop Machine Intelligent Integration TJK Machinery Bending Hoop Machine Intelligent Integration

After the inspection toward many factories of producing bending hoop machine, a reinforcement yard in Shandong finally chose the automatic stirrup bending machine WG12D--1 from TJK.
TJK Machinery Bending Hoop Machine Intelligent Integration

With functions of intelligent compound bending, automatic stirrup bending machine WG12D--1 can produce cold rolled and hot rolled high strength wire rod steel. It is able to finish the process of steel bar straightening, measuring, compound bending and shearing one-time wire rod steel processing molding. The equipment is characterized by fast speed, practical, reliable and trust from domestic and foreign customers. Automatic stirrup bending machine WG12D--1 is an indispensable intelligent steel processing equipment for any steel process center or precast factory.

As the top intelligent steel processing machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises of China, TJK machinery has always been very concerned about the country’s macro and micro economic situation, complies with the national policy guidance and the change of market demand, creates and innovates building bar processing machinery with international level. It acquired great achievement in the global market and played an important role in promoting the regional construction industrialization.
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