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Application of CNC Stirrup Bending Machine in Steel Bar Processing

Application of CNC Stirrup Bending Machine in Steel Bar Processing Application of CNC Stirrup Bending Machine in Steel Bar Processing

In order to save labor, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the precision of steel bar processing , and realize the standardization and refinement of steel bar processing, the CNC stirrup bending machine is used more and more widely in the processing of full-line steel bars.

The CNC stirrup bending machine has adopted the non-pneumatic design as a breakthrough. It is a pure electric CNC stirrup bending machine, which avoids the shortcomings of pneumatic system such leakage, fear of freezing, and frequent water discharge needs. Except the power supply, it has no other requirements for the factory environment. The steel wire rods can be processed in formation at one time, and can be processed into a straight bar of fixed length, a bar of single head bending, and the shape of steel bar(stirrup) which is unclosed or closed. The guiding height can be adjusted by the pay-off rack to suit the height of various coils, thus to avoid diorder of line; suitable for holding cold and hot rolled steel wire rods. The versatile bending mechanism allows for the installation of seven molds that can bend stirrup with small side lengths(100 x 100) mm. The multi-functional concentric bending mode can realize the bening of short side at 180 degrees and 30mm. The curved telescopic action is equipped with two high-precision detection sensors to ensure 100% reliable operation. The whole machine adopts dust-proof and closed design, which is safe in operation and the service life of equipment components is extended by 50%. The split type fixed knife design eliminates the need for integral replacement, facilitates maintenance and reduces cost; the fixed cutter can be used on both sides to improve the service life; the movable knife design for four sides using increased the service life by 4 times, which greatly reduces the cost. It adopts industrial computer CNC control system with high precision, configures LCD color graphic display, touch screen input, full CNC setting parameters, and has the ability to store more than500 kinds of graphics.

The CNC stirrup bending machine is light in weight, high in work efficiency, easy to transport and easy to install. It can also process ribs and hooks while processing stirrups, which realizes the characteristics of one machine for multiple use. Through the application of the CNC stirrup bending machine, the project greatly improved the processing quality of the steel bar, improved the work efficiency, reduced the labor intensity of the workers, greatly reduced the safety risk, and achieved the standardization and refinement of the steel bar processing.
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