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TJK Machinery Shows its Talent in OBAOR

TJK Machinery Shows its Talent in OBAOR TJK Machinery Shows its Talent in OBAOR

Malaysia has become the preferred place for Chinese enterprises to "go out" in Southeast Asia. With the overall strategy for the development of the national "One Belt And One Road", and the central government as the leading role, the local governments, state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises and private capital have formed the trend of multi-dimensional investment in Malaysia. The resulting new high-speed rail line, the Iskada project, has made Malaysia be an important part of China's overseas layout.

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The Longquan resources co. LTD. is a multinational listed company of the nature of a group. The company is headquartered in Geelong Malaysia, and it has a subsidiary in Cambodia for reinforcing steel processing business. Since the end of 2013, it has continuously introduced the intelligent rebar processing machinery from the company of TJK Machinery, and the contract amount have reached several million yuan.

In order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the group, Zhang xin, the executive vice President of the TJK Machinery (Tianjin) co., LTD., went to the headquarters to congratulate him.

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The service and quality are the most important in the enterprise , and product quality and after-sale level is the foundation of enterprise based on the market. Since its entry into the international market, the company has developed a great reputation for the quality of its products. It has steadily and steadily made its way to the top of the industry.

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Fifteen years of market accumulation and precipitation have not only made the TJK Machinery accumulate strong enterprise strength, but also let it owns a good and outstanding backbone technology research and development team. The professional technology R & D team ensures that the product in the technical concept and technological realization of the level of superiority, and the first-class intelligent production equipment and assembly team is the fundamental guarantee of realization from design to product.

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