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What Parts of the Rebar Cutting Machine Should Be Carefully Maintained to Prevent Rust?

What Parts of the Rebar Cutting Machine Should Be Carefully Maintained to Prevent Rust? What Parts of the Rebar Cutting Machine Should Be Carefully Maintained to Prevent Rust?

At present, there are a lot of unreliable rebar cutting equipments on the market, so we must choose the regular manufacturers to buy machines. In this way, we can not only obtain high-quality and high-performance equipments, but also buy good equipments at affordable prices. There are many kinds of rebar cutting machines, and all of them play a very critical role in various fields of industry. But if we do not take measures such as lubrication and maintenance for the related parts of the rebar cutting machine, it may lead to the appearance of rust or failure of the equipment. So what parts of the rebar cutting machine need lubrication and maintenance to prevent rusting?

1. Operators should lubricate the oil holes on both ends of the machine at regular intervals. Usually, 4-5 times per shift can be used to fill oil in this part of the equipment.

2. In addition, for the hydraulic cutter movable pole of rebar cutting machine, usually each shift should be kept at least 4-5 times oiling lubrication. This part is very special, so it is also necessary for operators to clean debris or other foreign bodies around the knife.

3. Equipment should be lubricated according to the regulations, so as to better maintain the performance of equipment, effectively reduce the failure rate of rebar cutting machine. In addition, it can also help us extend the use time of the equipment.

4. The hydraulic cutter slider tracks on rebar cutters also require regular lubrication, and usually each class should add lubricants at least 4 times.
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