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How to Correctly Operate The Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

How to Correctly Operate The Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine How to Correctly Operate The Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

How do we properly operate the steel bar straightening and cutting machine in daily life?

First of all: When operating the wire straightening and cutting machine, select the appropriate straightening die according to the diameter of the wire to be straightened, the diameter of the straightening die should be 2~3mm bigger than the diameter of the wire to be straightened. The head and the tail straightening dies must be placed on the centerline of the straightening cylinder, the middle three can be off the centerline. Generally, we let the wire has a displacement of 3 ram. After the straightening test, if the wire still can be observed with a slow bending phenomenon, it will be corrected by gradually adjusting the offset until the wire can be straightened out.

Second point: In order to ensure the safety and quality of the reinforcing bar straightening operation, the wire straightening and cutting machine should be installed on a solid concrete foundation, and the machine shed should be set up in the outdoor work. There should be enough space for piling up materials and semi-finished products next to the machine shed site. The third point: the bearing frame groove should be installed straight, and its center should be aligned with the center line of the guiding cylinder, the straightening cylinder and the lower cutting hole. The wire turntable mounting should be installed at a distance of 5 to 8 m from the straightening machine.

Fourth point: Before the official start of operation, the wire straightening and cutting machine should run idle motion for 2 hours, then check the temperature of the bearing and whether the hammer head, cutter or cutting gear is working properly. After confirming that there is no abnormal condition, the machine an be fed and tested for straightening and cutting ability.

Fifth point: The newly installed wire straightening and cutting machine should be checked whether the electrical system and components are damaged, whether the connection and joints of each components are firm and reliable, whether the rotating parts are flexible, and whether the performance of the transmission and control system meets the requirements. We can only run the testoperation after all the above aspects are ensured to meet the requirements.

Sixth point: The fixed cutter should be adjusted appropriately according to the position of the movable cutter. The gap between the upper and lower cutters should be no more than 1mm wire. Some preparatory work should be done to ensure the side gap be no more than 0.10~0.15mm before the wire straightening and cutting machine is processed.
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