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What is the Welding Requirement of the Stage Truss?

What is the Welding Requirement of the Stage Truss? What is the Welding Requirement of the Stage Truss?

(1) Positioning Welding

1. To meet the requirements of installation accuracy and quality in accordance with the technical specifications of the drawings, position welding can be allowed.

2. If the truss girder welding machine is required to be preheated, it must be preheated to the corresponding temperature before the potential welding can be carried out.

3. If a crack occurs after the end of the tack welding, analyze the crack origin and adopt the appropriate method, then carry out the truss reposition welding in the vicinity, and remove the cracked positioning weld.

(2) Welding Environment

In principle, the welding of Bengal's layout project is carried out at the factory or on site. Regarding the welding environment at the site, it is necessary to satisfy the following conditions: the outer surface temperature of the steel plate is higher than 5 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity is less than or equal to 80 degrees Celsius, and the wind speed is less than or equal to 10 meters per second, or the wind speed is less than or equal to 2 meters per second.

(3) Demands for Welding

a. The line energy and the temperature in the highest layer should be strictly controlled during truss welding.

b. The welder shall strictly follow the welding parameters specified, welding direction, welding sequence in the welding technical guidance, and shall be welded in strict accordance with the welding angle specified on the construction drawings.

c. Before welding, the rust, moisture, oil, dust, oxide scale, etc. of the weld surface should be cleaned.

d. Never deliberately damage the metal surface. If necessary, to carry out the weld in other steel seam welds.

e. Attention should be paid to the starting point, ending and welding joint of the weld, so as to eliminate welding errors. When there are multiple welds, the welded joints should be staggered.

f. After welding, self inspection and mutual inspection shall be carried out, and welding construction records shall be made.
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