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Standard Wire Bending Machine

Standard Wire Bending Machine Standard Wire Bending Machine

Main Test Steps:

1. The section which from 200mm to 250mm is checked on the metal wire to be calibrated and the surface of the wire must not be damaged when straightening.

2. The radius of the clip is R, the distance from the top of the clip to the ground of the pulling rod is B and the hole of the pulling rod, all of them are selected according to the diameter of the wire in the parameter table. The radius of the circular arc is printed on the upper part of each clip for selection. The distance b is obtained by the position of the lever which adjusted by the single hole on the rocker arm. It is 35, 50, 75 from bottom to top, and the rod hole φ can be distinguished according to the number printed around the drawing bar.

3. There are four vertical holes on the main pulling rod. The hole position you need can be obtained by adjusting the direction of the pull rod. When using the hole at one end of the thread, the axle sleeve should be used. When using the other hole, the axle sleeve should be removed to ensure that the wire is in the bending center line.

4. As the starting state of the test, the rocker arm is in the vertical position. It will first penetrate into the top, and the upper clamping part of the wire is clamped by rotating the upper chuck handle to test the performance of the wire bending machine.

5. Press the upper grip down with a handle and stop it after the upper grip almost moved down 15--25mm, (the distance of the thick wire should be longer, so that the wire has a pulling force which is about 15-25 kg) then turn the main clip handle to clamp the lower end of the wire and bend it.

6. During the bending test, uniform speed should be used (about 1 times/sec).

7. The bending count bents 90 degrees to the right from the starting position of the return. The sample returns to the starting position for the first time and then bends 90 degrees to the left. Then the sample returns to the starting position for the second time. After the sample is broken, the final bending is not counted.

8. After long-term use, the clip should be replaced if there is a pressure mark on the arc surface of the clip.

9. Oil cup and its relative lubricated place should be frequently rubbed and kept lubricated. Bending steel bar bending machine makes it become a standard wire bending machine repeatedly. Wire bending machine should be always tested so that it could be a standard wire bending machine.

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