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Under Which Circumstance Should the Steel Bar Bending Machine be Put into Maintanance

Under Which Circumstance Should the Steel Bar Bending Machine be Put into Maintanance Under Which Circumstance Should the Steel Bar Bending Machine be Put into Maintanance

The steel bar bending machine equipment that has been sealed for a period of time should be maintained once before operation. During the maintanance, the whole machine should be inspected, cleaned, got rid of anti-rust oil, protection oil and grease, and the specified lubricating oil, grease and working oil should be added. Check the operating system and safety devices, and prepare everything well before work to ensure normal operation.

During the initial operation of the reinforcing bar bending machine coming out from the factory newly after maintenance or major repair(including engine assembly overhaul), it should be carefully running in. Pay attention to the load shedding and deceleration during the entire running-in period. The engine speed limit device shall not be dismantled to prevent impact load. Pay attention to the replacement of lubricating oil in the middle and end of the operation, and remove the grinding metal in the system timely to reduce the early abrasion of the machine.

Seasonal maintenance is to ensure the smooth use of the machine in summer or winter, and the maintenance work combined the first and second level maintenance before entering the summer and entering the winter. The content is based on the seasonal characteristics of the region, doing seasonal oil change and heat-proof cooling, explosion-proof or heat preservation anti-freezing and anti-skid measures, to adjust the oil and electric circuit etc.. In the areas of south of China where the seasonal changes are not obvious, seasonal machine maintenancemay not be carried out. Sealing and maintenance of steel bar bending machine. For any device that has been sealed or stopped running in use for a period of time, it should be sealed and maintained according to the need for anti-rust, moisture-proof and electrical insulation treatment. During the storage period, regular maintenance should also be carried out. When it needs to transfer maintenance machine to the area where long-distance transportation is required, in order to avoid damage during transportation and to be quickly put into construction after arrival, the maintenance is carried out. Generally refers to construction machinery and processing machinery that cannot travel long distances.
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