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Phenomenon of Oscillatory Movement and Oil Leakage of Wire Bending Machine

Phenomenon of Oscillatory Movement and Oil Leakage of Wire Bending Machine Phenomenon of Oscillatory Movement and Oil Leakage of Wire Bending Machine

Wire bending machine generally consists of an input and output device, a numerical control device, a programmable controller, a servo system, a detection feedback device, and a machine host.

The configuration of the steel wire bending machine: feeder wheel

Wire bending machine appears oscillatory movement when it is running:

1. The tachometer signal is unstable because of the failure of the velocity measuring device, the interference of the velocity feedback signal, etc.

2. The speed control signal is unstable or disturbed.

3. Poor contact, such as screw loosening, etc. When the forward and the reverse motion both change their directions, the oscillatory movement of wire bending machine occurs, it is generally caused by the backlash of the feed chain or the excessive gain of the servo system.

The oil leakage of the wire bending machine is usually divided into three states: namely, leakage, dripping and flowing oil.

Generally speaking, both dripping a drop of oil every half an hour in the static faying face and dripping a drop of oil every 6 minutes in the dynamic faying face is leakage.

Dripping a drop of oil every 2 to 3 minutes in the static faying face or in the dynamic faying face, it is dripping.

Dripping five drops of oil every minute is flowing oil.

The general requirement for the equipment to prevent leakage is that there shall be no leakage at the external static faying face, and slight leakage is allowed at the dynamic faying face, but it is not allowed to flow to the ground. Some leakage is allowed inside the wire bending machine, but it is not allowed to infiltrate into the electrical box and the transmission belt. It can be drained back to the lubricating box.

When these problems arise, it is necessary to solve the problem based on these actual phenomena.
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