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Brief Introduction of Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine

Brief Introduction of Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine Brief Introduction of Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine

The stirrup is one of the basic components when constructing the structure of the building. Normally we use stirrups to fix the other vertical ribs. The more complex the building is, the more types of stirrups are to be used. The stirrups are roughly divided into two types by materials, one is a circular stirrup, which is made from bending the plain bar;

Another type of ribbed stirrup is formed by bending a cold rolled ribbed steel bar. When there is no CNC machine, people can use simple machinery to make stirrups, but the efficiency is very low. With the increasing use of stirrups in the building construction, the traditional work methods became more and more unable to meet the requirement for production. At this point of time, the CNC stirrup bending machine was born, its high efficiency and good quality of bending have been sought after by many manufacturers. Generally, the opportunities for stirrup bending exist in two places, one is a construction site, and the other is a stirrup processing and distribution center. The CNC stirrup bending machine is
one of the essential production machines for steel processing enterprises. Because they are professional organization for processing steel bars, the requirement for the performance of machine is very high.

The stirrup bending machine is a processing machine aimed at steel work. It is an extension of the steel bending machine which is more efficient to achieve the specified angles and specifications. Most of the stirrup bending machine is CNC stirrup bending machine. The CNC bending machine is divided into semi-automatic bending machine and automatic bending machine. The stirrup bending machine is mainly used for building cold-rolling ribbed steel and hot-rolling three-grade steel. And the hooks and hoops for cold-rolling plain bars and hot-rolling circular steel bars. The automatic bending machine has the advantages of low failure rate of equipment use, fast speed of steel bar bending, low energy consumption without damaging ribs, low noise and light vibration; it has the characteristics of high efficiency application, reliable operation and so on. Double operation, light and flexible, 3-5 times manual bending.
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